Coaching: Confidence and Career Accelerator

You are...

You’re ambitious, you want to continue to progress your career and you love what you do…

But you’re facing challenges – perhaps self-doubt, self-sabotage, or feeling like an imposter; we’ll overcome your frustrations, like your hard work being overlooked or not getting the recognition you deserve.

You want a ‘secret weapon’ to help you succeed. You’ve had mentors at work, but the results have been limited. You know you are worth more and what you’re capable of.

How I can help you

After working with me, my clients report back short and long-term results and benefits. They have:
  • Secured a promotion or high profile opportunity by developing an authentic personal brand (that’s not arrogant or ‘showing off’) 
  • Are prepared and less anxious about returning to work – they want to put their best foot forward upon their return and know have the tools and techniques to do that
  • Are able to ‘hold their own’ in meetings with tricky clients or stakeholders and feel confident in speaking up and clear on their key messages. Previously they were riddled with self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome which held them back
  • Learned how to be more strategic, build their commercial acumen or a vision for their team/department and navigate stakeholder relationships. 

Olivia Bath is an amazing coach who empowered and supported me when I was coming back from mat leave, which ultimately led to me getting a significant pay rise and role change. Her support was invaluable. I’ve since recommended her many times.” – Bethany P

Other coaching programmes

Assisting mother with work

The Motherhood Career Method

You’re returning to work post maternity leave and want to navigate this huge transition in your life and career, so that you can have a happy family and thriving work life. Or you’ve already returned to work and you’re finding the juggle and keeping up with the relentlessness of being a working parent too difficult.

Bespoke Coaching

One-to-one coaching tailored to your needs, whether you need to nail a job interview, need to negotiate flexible work or a pay rise, are looking for guidance on preparing for a presentation; you're seeking specialist support on why you keep being overlooked for a promotion or career progression; you'd like to know how to get the best out of your team, or to ramp up your own productivity.

Book in a coaching session here

Book in a 60min one to one coaching session here. This will take you through to my diary and payment details. This is a good option if you want to work together and may not be ready for a coaching programme.

“I’ve secured a new role in my company that puts me on the senior leader path. I couldn’t have done it if you hadn’t tee’d me up to challenge my stakeholders & supporters at work and to articulate my aspirations clearly. I’ve never known myself to have this level of confidence.” – Katie Hynard

Common topics we cover in coaching

  • Confidence
  • Personal Branding, profiling and visibility
  • Presenting with impact
  • Influencing and stakeholder engagement, how to tackle tricky conversations 
  • Leading teams for better effectiveness and efficiency, your leadership style
  • Negotiating and developing business cases
  • Making an impact in your role, accountability holding
  • Strategy, commercial acumen, thought leadership
  • Burnout, resilience and wellbeing.


We meet for coaching on a fortnightly basis for 45 minutes, or a monthly basis for a 60-minute session. Typical programmes include six coaching sessions over six months or 10 sessions over 12 months. 


Prices start at £120 for a 30-minute consultation, or £1,500 for a coaching programme. Corporate rates start at £2,250.

If you aren’t satisfied, there’s a full money-back guarantee after the first session.

You may like to ask for a contribution from your employer and I can help with a business case.

Looking for more guidance?

If you’re not sure which programme is best suited to your needs, feel free to send an email below and we’ll get back to you in 2-3 working days (remember to check spam!).